The Adventures of Uncle Rodney
Introducing Uncle Rodney
He might live in an ordinary cottage in an ordinary village in North Wales but he seldom has an ordinary day. His friends and pets have other plans for Uncle Rodney. Fantastic voyages, Picture of Uncle Rodney madcap rescue missions, and cooking calamities are all quite normal for Uncle Rodney.

This book will transport you to the wonderful world of Uncle Rodney and his cosy cottage by the sea. You will discover his love of sailing, his fear of rats and why you should never ask him to mend a set of false teeth!

The adventure starts here...

The Adventures of Uncle Rodney is a book of short stories, suitable for children aged 6-10, by Helene Adlard with illustrations by Sheila Guyatt. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

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